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Siena Estates Committees               


The following committees have been formed at Siena Estates to serve our

needs and ensure that decisions are made with the input of all residents. 

If you would like to join a committee or have input for them, please contact

one of the people listed.

Welcoming Committee (provide documents and information on mailbox 

keys, trash, gate remotes) - Richard Dalba (908-229-9609), Jennifer Taylor


Architecture Review Committee (review applications and work with

residents on any changes desired to their home or property) - 

David Deckard, Ed Quaid, Richard Dalba, Scott Pederson




Social  Committee (plan and hold community gatherings) - 

Jamelia Anderson, Jennifer Schmolke, Pat Parker, Rosie Malus

Decorating Committee (plantings and holiday décor for front entrance) -

Nancy Lucas

Garage Sale Coordinator (twice a year community-wide garage sale)

Maintenance / Irrigation Issues (street light outages, damage/safety

concerns or any specific irrigation issues/concerns) - Members should

report their maintenance or irrigations issues to Cyndi DeWitt directly.

Cyndi's contact information is (901) 634-6471,   She is the Board  liaison for

Premier Landscapes.


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